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5-Methoxymethylone also known as 2-A1MP and βk-MMDMA is a chemical compound of the cathinone class which has been sold online as a designer drug. It is the beta-ketone version of 5-Methoxy-MDMA. Buy 2-AIMP CRYSTAL, Order Cheap 2-AIMP CRYSTAL.

The more common name 2-AIMP/2-A1MP does not appear to relate to the molecular structure.

In comparison with methylone, the two compounds differ by the addition of a methoxy group at the 5th carbon atom of the aromatic ring. The toxicity of this compound is unknown.

Effect Chronic Buy 2-AIMP CRYSTAL, Order Cheap 2-AIMP CRYSTAL

Assessment of the effects of stimulants is relevant given the large population currently taking stimulants.

A systematic review of cardiovascular effects of prescription stimulants found no association in children but found a correlation between prescription stimulant use and ischemic heart attacks. Buy 2-AIMP CRYSTAL, Order Cheap 2-AIMP CRYSTAL

A review over a four-year period found that there were few negative effects of stimulant treatment, but stressed the need for longer-term studies.

Initiation of stimulant treatment in those with ADHD in early childhood appears to carry benefits into adulthood with regard to social and cognitive functioning and appears to be relatively safe

Medical Uses Buy 2-AIMP CRYSTAL, Order Cheap 2-AIMP CRYSTAL

Stimulants have been used in medicine for many conditions including obesity, sleep disorders, mood disorders, impulse control disorders, asthma, nasal congestion, and, in the case of cocaine, as local anesthetics.

Drugs used to treat obesity are called anorectics and generally include drugs that follow the general definition of a stimulant, but other drugs such as cannabinoid receptor antagonists also belong to this group.

Eugeroics are used in the management of sleep disorders characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, such as narcolepsy, and include stimulants such as modafinil. Buy 2-AIMP CRYSTAL, Order Cheap 2-AIMP CRYSTAL.

Stimulants are used in impulse control disorders such as ADHD and off-label in mood disorders such as major depressive disorder to increase energy, focus, and elevate mood.


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